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"Lemon Pie" by Bill Holm

For your last Thanksgiving in Minneota I invited half the universe,
Holm's single-handed feed-the-hungry, stuff-the-lonesome-stranger
with turkey and giblets and pie. Already death had winked at you
once or twice from behind its shadowy curtain.
My neighbors pitched in with gravy, bread, and labor. Thursday morning
Tom brought lemon pies, steaming, acid-sweet smell,
majestic meringues, soaring peaks of beaten egg white.
On the table cooling, you smelled them, found a fork,
and, a mischievous sweet-toothed boy, were set to violate a hot meringue,
when I walked in and said, sharp of voice, "Get the hell out of there!
Those hot pies will be ruined if you dig into them."
"So what?" You shot me an insulted look. "They're only pies.
Eat them yourself." You skulked out into the morning. Toward night
your snit evaporated, and you resumed your usual grace and humor.
By then I'd grown my guilty conscience, remembering
that you lived under sentence of impending death.
I should have kept my mouth shut, one nagging inner voice
said to another, watched you put an entire hot lemon pie
into your gullet. What a hard business being human -
all we know and remember shadows every simple act.
The next Thanksgiving you lay close to death, all food
loathsome, indigestible. Kept half alive with cans
of glutinous Ensure, we made a lemon pie to tempt you
into one more small pleasure, but you impaled
the pie with a fork, left it standing upright in the meringue,
and turned away, lost to all joy.
We are who we are until we aren't anything anymore but air.
I carry that steaming pie to my own grave, offering it to you
over and over again, atonement. I hear your wry voice
saying, as it said so often:
"Eat dessert first; life is short and uncertain."


Last Minute Holiday Shopping idea



Holiday Sale at Shockspital kinda

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My soul is trapped in google street view (the old shop)


The Price is Right



Joe Lieberman: Noun, a douche bag filled with cold, dirty dishwater.



Oh God make it stop!



Can you spot me?


You missed the Homie and now your life is wasted



Mark your calendar…



A death in the family

Press Release from BRAIN

1256676236Ian Foyster LEXINGTON, SC (BRAIN)—The Hawley Company's service center manager Ian Foyster was tragically killed on Monday.
"He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was shot," said Dave Goeppner, marketing manager for The Hawley Company.
“This is a stunning and tragic loss for the Hawley family—as well as the bike industry as a whole,” said company president Steve Hawley. “Ian was a truly gifted and respected service technician and was a dear friend to many in our industry. There are no words to adequately describe the sadness of this event”.
Prior to arriving at Hawley in 2004 and literally building Hawley’s Service Center, Foyster raced motorcycles professionally in Europe and worked in the motocross industry for over 15 years. Upon entering the bike industry, Foyster quickly earned a reputation for his vast technical knowledge and mechanical skills. He was also well known for his English wit and sarcasm.
“Ian will be deeply missed by all of us," Hawley said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."
Foyster is survived by his ex-wife, daughter and stepson of South Carolina, and a son, daughter and grandchild in England. Services are pending.


Stolen Bike

My 29er was stolen last night.  The lock was cut and the bike was clumsily dismantled loose from my Bob trailer (which they left) from inside the gate in my front yard at 28th & Fremont in Uptown.  The bike is very distinctive, has little resale value, and you'll know it when you see it. 


It's an aluminum no-name frame (NYCbikes, for the record) that's been rattle-canned white with a black Karate Monkey fork.  It has a "sticker collage" on the downtube that's mostly blue and black and a Surly head badge.  Someone might try to pawn it off as a Surly, but it's clearly not.  Most notably, it has a pink bashguard (anodized red, really) and red pedals.  It's set up 2 x 1 with a front derailleur and Shimano Alfine tensioner.  Salsa riser bar.  Silver Sugino crank, other parts all black.  Crank Brothers headset (green) and a white headset cap.  Avid V-brakes.  Schwalbe Big Apple tire in the front and WTB Nanoraptor in the rear.


Elliott Morris 812-350-1013  elray.morris@gmail.com

Grumpy Girl Ride WINTER, 2009


Grumpy Girl Ride WINTER, 2009

Come rain, come shine, come snow or sleet!

Alls you need to know is meet us at Grumpy’s Nord East 1:30pm November 7th.

Headlines I expect to see soon…

1. Febreeze causes Autism.

2. Christian Scientists Discover the World is actually 6400 years old.

3. Football is Americas Number 2 Homoerotic Past Time; Number 1 Being “Convincing the world you are not Gay”.

4. Season Premier of “CSI Africa” solves cases of Rape in Darfur.

5. FOX News Plans Hostile Takeover of The Liberal Media.

6.Todd Palin seen Kanoodling  with Hannah Montana.

7.Seinfeld ruled “Trite and Formulaic” by Supreme Court, Larry David to serve 9Seasons of Consecutive Life Sentences.

8.Harry Potter brought up on ethics charges. Dumbledore found guilty in ongoing corruption investigations at Hogwarts.

9.Federal Law now Prohibits Paying Attention While Driving.

10.Scientists Discover Reality Television is More Interesting than You are.


Ahhh I miss Goathork

Brad out at Urban Velo took this Photo,



Vegas is over

Picture 34


A Dream Come True



The Great northern trip

5 days camping on the bike is better than work

IMG1923 IMG1448 



The dude abides

Although neither Goathork or Shockspital is a featured link on this site; you should still check it out,



Gene-O Sprung a leek!

Best wishes toward your fast healing!!



Minneapolis' Finest Protecting and Serving up a Can of Whoopass




Urban Bike Tour 2009


Urban Bike Tour 2009

There are approximately 700 bridges in Minneapolis, some of which take you to fantastic locations to drink beer, and some of which ARE fantastic locations to drink beer. In the Fat Tire Tour tradition, we’ll ride our bikes over and under as many bridges as we can during this 25-mile cruiser loop.

When: Saturday, August 15th, 2009, meet at 11 a.m. and ride at 12:30

Start: Town Hall Brewery Show up at Town Hall Brewery around 11:00 a.m. if you plan on eating first. Food is straight off the menu, beer is straight up delicious. Roll out is at 12:30. If you miss the rollout, follow your nose, it always knows.

The Route: We’ll do a counterclockwise loop north along the Mississippi, then down south through the chain of lakes, onto the Minnehaha Creek path, back along the Mississippi north to Town Hall. We’ll mix it up with, some optional off-road sections, a few beer breaks and some historical information about some of the bridges we see. Consider it like the greatest hits of Minneapolis Mafia rides all tied into one, but with a large group of superfreaks.

The Reason: Because bridges are engineering marvels, wonderful places to view the city and because Reed said so.

Also: This is a slow ride. get your all-day pass, if you wear a heart rate monitor, leave it at home, in fact, leave yourself at home, nobody gives a shit how fast you are, how much street cred you exude or how tight your pants are, if you’re scared, where a helmet, you might have to pee outside, pray for an equal number of chicks, make sure your bike doesn’t suck, carry some Xtra beer, tell your friends and plan to see the best parts of this city for the whole day.

Brought to you by: Drop, Roll and Stop Productions


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