Saturday, June 21, 2008

turn offs

  • Putting a 650b wheel on your "track bike" so you can do bar spins is lame.
  • Not tipping is lame.
  • People with "W in 04" stickers on their care are lame.
  • 3 legged horses are lame.
  • People that say they are gonna vote for McCain because Hillary isn't in the race anymore are fucking idiots.
  • Lock your bike, or else you are giving it away.
  • Don't ask me stupid questions then start talking over the answer.
  • If your air conditioning is broken, fix it.
  • Jesus.
  • You do not need to have a dog with you at all times.
  • Take a shower and put on a clean shirt.
  • Mac's, fixed gears and vinyl are not considered a personality.
  • Does everyone have to have a messenger bag?
  • If you are not a messenger bag, and you have never been; shouldn't you call it something else?
  • TV is more interesting than most of the stories I hear in a day.
  • Your stories of how you drank to much and did something stupid are boring.
  • It is ok to ask for something for free, if you just get to the point.
  • I am not you.
  • I think selling un sweetened ice tea is a crime.
  • People need to stand up for what they believe.
  • The automatic transmission has ruined you.


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