Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Libby please take your place on the list...

  Libby you are causing a great wave of disgrace to be associated with your goofy sounding name.

  Scooter you are being placed on the list because you have no honor! You are an idiot and you will let yourself become the scapegoat for men who have no honor. Politically you are no mastermind, but those that pull your strings are.

  Serve your country you worthless puppet, not the cronies pulling your strings. Step away from this with your pride, knowing you served your country not Kommerade Karl Rove and his Monkey Boy on a string.

  Think of the dishonor your family will have to carry because you took a bullet for an administration that will go down in history as the most corrupt ever. Dickcheeney is no man to stick for, he is a corrupt tool of the corporations he serves. Be your own man And do the right thing. If you bring down these asshats you will be remembered in the history book as a hero. Hold your head head and make the right choice, there is time for you to make a deal before sentencing!!


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