Thursday, March 08, 2007


  That's right; America's favorite past time is now on my list. The Twins need a stadium, boohoo. You schmucks suck! You want me to build a stadium for you? I personally think baseball is gayer than 7 guys blowin 9. So if I pay for your stadium what do I get out of it? Are you gonna give me a discount on tickets? Hotdog's? Beer? Do you promise you will at least not raise prices?

  Yeah, that's what I thought.  How do you sleep in your million dollar beds knowing the state is about to consider using eminent domain to build you a new stadium?

  This isn't just a problem with the twins, it's a flaw in American sports in general. Everyone needs a new stadium! The Coliseum in Rome stood for how long? In Pittsburgh they tore down Three Rivers stadium (an awesome stadium by all accounts) and built two ugly stadiums in it's place. Why? Because rednecks and Glory Day fatso's need to watch men in tight clothes roll around with each other on TV. Guy's admit it, football is boring, baseball even more so. At least watch a sport you play.


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